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For the Love - A Gentle Transition

Preparing for parenthood. For a GENTLE transition.



For the Love - A gentle transition

Self-paced online | Private Sessions | Group Classes

Parenthood is a MAJOR life transition. It is no wonder new and expecting parents are practicing some self-love by dedicating a little time before baby arrives to reflect on their own needs and properly plan for the new and exciting changes that lie ahead.

Our current prenatal care offers support for the physical aspects of pregnancy but fails to support the mental preparations and planning to ensure our personal needs are met and we are prepared for the reality of what lies ahead.

The first step to empowerment is responsibility and it is so wonderful to see so many parents dedicating the time to prepare for the more challenging aspects of this transition. This course is the missing piece to the puzzle. It inspires critical thinking, understanding and empathy to overcome obstacles and anxieties, reflection on your own personal needs to make sure they are met and to find your balance for a healthy mind, body and spirit, master flexibility and acceptance and learn to respond to judgement and unwanted help & advice with love and gratitude.

We often over-prepare for childbirth but under-prepare for Parenthood! 



Self-paced online COURSE - $35

Enjoy learning at your own pace, at home or whilst commuting.


PRIVATE Sessions - individual/couples -$350

Available via Phone or Skype or face to face Gold Coast, Australia.



1/2 day group classes for parents to be coming soon to the Gold Coast.


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