In today’s fast moving world balancing family, work and lifestyle can be tricky, fitting in new things you would like to explore can be even harder.

But what if it was possible to stop the unwanted cycle of stress, fatigue and frustration and bring balance back into your life? Is life balance genuinely possible, or is it just a cruel and heartless myth?

A few years ago I learned (the hard way) that nothing in life is ever as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth diminishing our health over. Nothing is worth poisoning ourselves into a pite of stress, anxiety and personal chaos.

There have been times in the past where I would physically (and mentally) exhaust myself trying to find the perfect balance between balancing family, work and as a result my own personal needs were always sacrificed to ensure the needs of my family were met. Throughout this season of my life, I was committed to keeping it together for everyone and living up to unnecessary and unrealistic expectations and pressures that others were putting on me and also that I had put on myself.

I knew if I didn’t make some changes I was going to burn out so I made the choice to take action.

We all have moments when we allow others to cause us to react emotionally, especially in frustration or anger (at times when we're not getting the things we want). Often we regret these responses later, and we vow never to allow ourselves to behave like this again.

Those in life, who learn to manage themselves (and their time) are those who usually go on to accomplish great things. There's an ancient Chinese proverb which states;

"The person who can manage themselves, is an individual who's fit enough to govern a nation."

When we become entrenched in a high-stress, busy and diary filled lifestyle, we tend not to look outside of our 'boxes'. Unless something shakes us up, we can easily fail to recognise even the most practical options that are available for us to bring calm and balance back in our lives.

Although we all have different interpretations of what family and work-life balance looks like, most people, in principle, share a similar idea of what life balance means; to have available time for doing the things we're passionate about, outside of a work focused environment.

For some people, life balance could mean time spending more time with family, more time available to dedicate to self-improvement, or even having more time to spend at the gym getting our bodies into better physical shape.

There are a few occasions during our brief time on planet Earth when we experience great flashes of personal insight, great moments of truth that immediately change the course of our lives forever.

Most of those experiences result from our most significant life failures, not from our biggest successes.

It is often from the failures that so many of us learn lasting lessons that completely transform our perspective towards life (and especially life balance).

People often assume that achieving life balance is about making radical life changes, but this is seldom true. Radical life changes will always take time and can often be difficult to implement.

For most of us, it’s wiser to adopt the mantra “one step at a time”, because making minor adjustments in our main life areas can end up having a huge long-term impact.

So, having read this far, I’m hoping that you have some idea about areas in your life that you'd like to make these adjustments. But if not, that's no problem, because, over the forthcoming pages, we’ll approach your life (and the topic of life balance) in a structured and 'balanced'  way.

The following exercise will help you to 'break your life down' into seven main areas so that you can identify the specific areas in your life that are currently 'out of balance.' Because it's these very areas which are most likely causing you the most amount of stress and frustration.

People with a healthy life balance have clear prioritisation between work (which incorporates their career, education and ambitions)  and ‘lifestyle’ (which combines their health, leisure & family relationships.

No one in life is perfect, and no-one will ever achieve complete contentment in all of their primary life areas. However, it is always possible to  establish a better balance - and 'all going well', this is what you're about to do!

Life balance is an ongoing process, which will always be shaped by the strategies we have for managing our lives. It's within the strategies that we can wind up misplacing our priorities, and find ourselves falling out of balance.

This questionnaire has been designed to give you a holistic overview of all your seven most important life areas, before identifying  the particular  life area's that you need to make immediate improvements in.

 An ancient proverb says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” You've probably known people nearing the end of their life’s journey who looked back on the life they'd lived, and said, “If only I'd done things differently. If only I'd made better choices .... If only I'd spent more time with my family or kids .....”

 Unfulfilled lives are always filled with “If only's ....” These are the last words of those people who's lives were over before they even got started. Life is full of countless opportunities, for great successes and even more significant failures.

But ..... it's up to you to take the initiative,  to make use of every opportunity  that comes your way. Because if you don't, you stand at risk of being condemned to a life of mediocrity — and no-one want's this!

 So don't delay - complete this life balance questionnaire today.


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My family relationships are extremely important.
I am completely satisfied with my family relationships.
I am close to my parents and our relationships are healthy.
I am close to my children and our relationships are healthy.
The people who matter the most in my life accept me.
Strong social relationships are important to me.
I am satisfied with my social relationships.
I have strong friendships with people I can be myself around.
I have a good social network/ am part of social groups.
I am generally good at connecting with new people.
I get along with my neighbours and the people in my area.
I am very happy with my romantic relationship/s.
Overall I am very happy with my relationships.
Career achievements are important to me.
I am very satisfied with my career achievements to date.
I feel fulfilled in my current work environment.
I look forward to going to work each day.
My career stimulates and develops me as a person.
I have a healthy & rewarding work/ life balance?
My career is moving me forward in advancement and reward.
Strong working relationships are important to me.
I am very satisfied with my current working relationships.
My work environment is positive and supportive.
I find contentment and fulfillment in my current career.
I urgently want a career change.
If I died today, I would be happy with the legacy that I will leave behind.
Being financially effective is important to me.
I am satisfied with my current financial effectiveness.
I have enough money to meet my current wants.
I have enough money to meet my current needs.
I know what my exact outgoings are each month.
I always know what is in my bank accounts.
Being generous to others is very important to me.
I am currently generous towards others.
I am satisfied with how much I am giving to others.
Charitable contributions is important to me.
I am satisfied with how charitable I currently am.
I am extremely willing to step out of my comfort zone and take risks to generate more income.
I worry a lot about my current financial situation.
Establishing a healthy work/ life balance is very important to me.
I am very happy with my current work/study/life balance.
Physical health is very important to me.
I am happy with my current physical health.
I am happy with my current physical fitness level.
Having some personal 'free time' is important to me.
I am happy with the amount of free time that I currently have.
My physical appearance is important to me.
I am satisfied with my current physical appearance.
I can handle my stress and anxiety levels effectively.
I am currently very much enjoying my life outside of work or study.
I am able to do things that I enjoy frequently.
I have room for improvements in my life outside of work and/or study.
Managing routine tasks around the home is important to me.
I am satisfied with how I currently manage these routine tasks.
I am disciplined in paying household bills.
I could be more disciplined in managing bills and other important responsibilities.
Prioritising my responsibilities is important.
A well-managed home environment is important to me.
I am very satisfied with my current home environment.
Dealing with home issues promptly is important to me.
Home life would be easier if I had a better system in place for managing my routine responsibilities.
I worry too much about my routine responsibilities.
Life would be easier if I were more disciplined in managing my routine responsibilities around the home.
Contributing back to society & making a difference is very important to me.
I am satisfied with how much I currently give back.
I regularly make a positive impact in the lives of other people.
I am satisfied with the amount of difference I currently make in the lives of others.
Leaving behind a meaningful legacy is important to me.
I am happy with the current legacy that I would leave behind.
I always encourage and support those closest to me.
My time is mainly consumed focusing on myself and my immediate needs.
I get involved with, and support a social initiative that I genuinely believe in.
Those closest to me find immense value in me.
My peers or co-workers find immense value in me.
Someday, my children will be really proud of the way in which I live my life.
I could make more effort in contributing back to society.
Being mentally healthy (and strong) is very important to me.
I currently feel very mentally healthy (and strong).
Being emotionally healthy (and strong) is very important to me.
I currently feel very emotionally healthy (and strong).
I am confident and secure in who I am as a person.
I feel fulfilled in the way I am currently living my life.
Being spiritually healthy (and strong) is very important to me.
I currently feel very emotionally spiritually (and strong).
I regularly invest time into developing myself spiritually.
I am consistently competent at managing my emotions. I have good self-control.
My emotions will often manage me. I am undisciplined in self-control.
Negative and destructive emotions will often get the 'better' of me.
To finish of this workbook, write a personal vision statement for each of your 7 life areas. A personal vision statement is just 'the best case scenario' description of what you would like to achieve or accomplish in each of your main life area. Whatever you write down as your vision statements can become goals that you can commit to working towards over the next 6 - 12 months.