For the Love - A Gentle Transition.


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The missing piece to your prenatal care.

With all the excitement of pregnancy, parents to be often fall into the trap of over-preparing for childbirth but under-prepare for the major life transition they are about to experience and what changes parenthood will bring.

We tend to spend the lead up to welcoming a new baby tying up our loose ends at work, shopping, learning about how to be physically healthy, what to eat, what exercise is safe. We prepare for the the physical birthing experience however we tend to forget about the enormous life shift we are about to experience from an emotional level and what effects the changes to our Energy Levels, Relationships, Finances, Routine will have on us if we are not prepared for them as we grow from Woman to Mother, Man to Father, Couple to Family.

Our current prenatal care offers support for the physical aspects of pregnancy but fails to support the mental preparations and planning to ensure our personal needs are met and we are prepared for the reality of what lies ahead. Parents to be are now taking it into their own hands by dedicating the time to really prepare for this transition and this course is that missing piece to the puzzle. By taking a mindful and proactive approach in planning for parenthood we are safe guarded with the knowledge, confidence and mindset needed to thrive and make the right choices for our families right from the beginning.

For the Love - A Gentle transition is the missing piece to the puzzle. A self-paced online course designed especially for new and expecting parents to help you prepare for PARENTHOOD. To help you feel more in touch with your personal needs, be mindful of your thoughts, feel liberated in knowing that you were born with everything you need to successfully take on this role, confident that you can find the solutions and adapt to any challenges life throws at you and most importantly understand how to trust your gut and set boundaries with loved ones so you can enjoy and embrace parenthood the way we are meant to.

Parenthood is a MAJOR life transition. PRACTICE some self-love by dedicating a little time before YOUR LITTLE/S arrives to reflect on YOUR own needs and properly plan for the new and exciting changes that lie ahead.

For the Love - A Gentle Transition | Duration: 2+ hours

(30 Day Money Back Guarantee!)

Over 15 video tutorials plus self-paced reflection activities you will unlock;

  • The power and connections between your thoughts, feelings & emotions

  • How to find your balance for a healthy Mind, Body, Spirit.

  • Let go of control and learn to be flexible

  • What are limiting beliefs and how do they hold you back

  • Help you respond to judgement or unwanted advice with love and gratitude

  • Help you set boundaries

  • Show you how to reconnect with your intuition and use it as a tool to making the right choices for you and your family.

  • Mindfulness techniques



Is this for me?

Great Question, Instead LET ME ASK YOU What steps have you HAVE taken so far to prepare for the major LIFESTYLE changes AND CHALLENGES THAT new parents are presented with? SOME EXAMPLES ARE…


If you answered none just yet, then this course is a great way for you to slow-down, reflect on your wants and needs and put plans in place for a gentle transition into parenthood!


For the Love of You, Your Family and for a Gentle Transition into Parenthood

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Loved the course! I am 6 months pregnant with my first. It provided an escape from my busy day and helped me to take time out and really focus on the most important thing in my life right now. I highly recommend it to all the mums with bubs and mums to be, it really helped me.
— Shannon - Sydney, Australia
Wow, there was so many things covered in this course that I hadn’t even thought about! It was nice to get to know me again and really think about what I want out of this next chapter.
— Jane - Gold Coast, Australia
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Empower Me Coaching

PRIVATE COACHING via Skype or in person Gold Coast | $350

Designed especially for Parents to Be to get in touch with their personal needs, master flexibility & acceptance and set boundaries, in the comfort of your own home, for a gentle transition into parenthood.

This one on one or couple empower me program includes;

- A comprehensive pre-session workbook
- 2 x 90 minute phone or Skype sessions or 3 hour face to face (Gold Coast, Australia)
- Free access to Online Course content
- Mind, Body & Spirit Alignment
- Personalised Action Plan & Resources
- 30 Days Email Support

Email or phone Hayley Power on 0430 038 300 to book.