READ - 5 Things to remember on trips to Emergency

Recently my daughter and I had a little sleep over at our local hospital. After noticing a non blanching rash all over her body, like tiny freckles, I referred back to a previously stored piece of knowledge from my Doctor that Non Blanching rashes = Hospital. When you press on a rash if the colour does not go away then it is referred to as non blanching. These rashes more often than not are nothing sinister and thankfully like in our case just a viral rash however they can be linked to some pretty scary stuff.

When your child presents with symptoms that when typed into Dr Google flashes up words like Meningitis, Meningococcal, Leukemia it is important you practice your calm, focus on the present moment and work cooperatively WITH the medical staff.

It is in our human nature to want to know what is going on or what is going to happen. We like to have control and knowledge. Unfortunately that isn’t how life works and it isn’t how medical diagnostics works. Sometimes things can just take a little time and we will need to practice our patience.

Here are 5 things to remember when working with the undiagnosed:

  1. Do not use Dr Google - Unless to quickly decide between visiting a Doctor or Hospital or you are ready to think rationally about the information presented.
  2. Always listen to your intuition - If you feel naturally pulled to the hospital over a GP or feel like you need another opinion listen, trust and act on that instinct.
  3. Focus on the moment - Keep your child calm & happy, sing, rock, play. If you are present with them and making sure they are comfortable you are not able to worry or get anxious about what you do not know.
  4. Work cooperatively with the Doctors & Hospital Staff - You are all on the same team! You all have the same intention and that is to get your baby/child well. Diagnosis can take time and can involve some difficult procedures with a little one, be patient and trust that they are doing all that needs be done.
  5. Speak Up - If you are not happy about something, speak up, ask. If you do not understand or need further clarification, ask. If you need another blanket, ask. If you do not take responsibility for your own needs then it is not the fault of the hospital staff. They are not mind readers and are busy caring for multiple patients and running a hospital. You are responsible for You.

You will often see parents, nurses and doctors all working fabulously together but sometimes emotions, stress, lack of answers and sleep can cause conflict. By practicing understanding with one another and remembering each others intentions you will be able to remain calm, think more clearly and respond rationally.


Keeping children entertained and happy in a hospital can also be a little tricky, why not check with your local hospital to see if they accept donations for your unwanted toys and gifts or drop off a donation of bubble wands and stickers that they can give out to the kids. Please check with your local hospital first as they may have policies e.g. no second hand soft toys donations.

For the Love -
Hayley xx




Hayley Power