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My name is Hayley Power.

After overcoming infertility and miscarriage at 28 weeks pregnant we packed up our little family to be and moved interstate out of the big smoke to start a quieter beach-side life.

We were organised, we had jobs ready, savings in the bank and were moving into our first home that we had saved hard for and bought together.

But as life goes we were thrown a curve ball...

A new reality hit quick... My husband's job opportunity fell through. He was able to pick up casual work quickly but not paying enough to support a family so we made the giant leap into the world of self-employment.

Already isolated from our support network with our newborn son, completely unprepared, and new parent exhausted, we added no financial security to the mix. We quickly went through our savings and lived 2 - 3 of the hardest years emotionally and financially, money was below tight, it was barely existent. This pressure took its toll and ultimately followed onto our marriage almost breaking down BUT so grateful we rekindled our best friend status and survived. Not to forget baby number 2 our beautiful daughter came along. We are now over that new business instability stage, completely self aware and so proud of the achievements we have made.

Thankfully with my background in start-ups and entrepreneurship I knew the struggles would be worth it and in that moment only thing we could do in those difficult times was focus on our mindsets. Accept what was wrong individually and learn how to grow and master our response to all these challenges and learn from them. Happiness is internal, it is in the moment and nothing external can affect you unless you allow it BUT you need to learn and teach yourself how to master this. It is ongoing.

As a problem solver by nature, my expectation of being a stay at home mum, cuddles, play dates, coffee trips were still my reality. I learnt how despite our challenges to make sure of that. Just with very little spending and a part time job thrown in which fortunately I could do from home.

With a little flexibility and acceptance we don't have miss out!

We cannot control what life throws at us. We cannot change the past and we cannot predict the future. When we are ready to accept personal responsibility for how our life is going to be and action steps to achieve our end goal/s we can achieve anything. We need to learn emotional intelligence and critical thinking, how to look at our thoughts objectively. We need to let go of limiting beliefs we have developed about ourselves, be flexible on our beliefs about how things 'should be', learn how to manage our anxieties and then we can thrive.

My goal is to empower parents and parents to be with that power within so that no matter what obstacles are thrown your way in life, you have the self awareness, self understanding and emotional intelligence that you need to take action, focus on solutions and not let life bring you down. By teaching parents they will go on to teach their children these valuable life skills.

So with my existing 15 years experience in the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship, I trained up as a life coach, enrolled in university to learn even more about the science of the incredible thing called the mind and have created the first Prenatal Course for your Mind. For the Love - A Gentle Transition.

My mission is to empower parents to live a fulfilled life, on their terms without fear or judgement.

Never stop learning and share what you learn - For the Love

Hayley xx

Hayley Power