READ - Raising the Change

Hi and welcome to For the Love Collective’s - Raising the Change. My name is Hayley Power and I am so excited that you have joined me on a mission to be and raise the change.

My first goal here is to empower fellow parents with emotional intelligence, self-awareness and a passion to learn.  By making a choice as a parent to learn what we need to learn, to heal from our pasts, to learn to respond not react to our emotions and truly focus on mastering you and being the most authentic version of you we will not only be free, free from the limitations that our own minds put on us but also be able to go on to teach the valuable gift of healthy thinking and emotional intelligence to our children. If they grow up watching you be the most authentic version of you, just imagine how safe they will feel growing up to be who they are.  Their empowered minds and free spirits may even go on to change the world into one of love and understanding.. High hopes, possibly but all we can do is try right? And worse case scenario at least they will have the tools they need to master their own paths and learn from their challenges.

My second goal is to eradicate judgement and criticism of others. We can do this by mastering empathy and understanding to one another. Now I am not saying we all have to agree with each other but simply attempting to understand another person and learning to look at situations from different perspectives and accepting why someone’s perspective or behavior may differ to yours instantly brings less hate, less judgement, less criticism.

So how will we do this, you may be wondering? We just make a choice. We make a choice to commit to learning, growing and teaching. I am hopefully going to be one of your chosen sources, by bringing you some interesting learning's, food for thought,  interviews and introductions to some inspiring people.

So here is what we ARE NOT about

Beliefs - unless it is to learn how to get rid of the limiting beliefs we may have developed about ourselves and that may be holding us back from reaching our potential.

Wrong or Right - They simply don’t exist here. Because everyone has been on a completely different journey getting to where we are today so what is right for me will not necessarily be right for you and that is OK.

Unkind words - If you don’t like me or what I have to say, that is OK. I just ask that you consider my intention here which is simply to create a loving place for fellow parents to learn and grow together into the truest version of themselves so they can teach their kids to learn and grow into the truest version of themselves. Please keep your comments kind and feedback constructive.

And lastly I Can’t - there is no I can't here and if there is the more you hang out with me I promise they will diminish anyway..

Here is what WE ARE about...

Community - Get in touch, if there is anything you want to chat about or share.

Learning so we can teach - You can never have enough knowledge. Teach what you learn, we are all students and we are all teachers.

Emotional Intelligence because Mastering our minds sets us free.

We will look at other tools like Mindfulness and tapping into our own intuition and most of all we are about UNDERSTANDING because a world with more understanding is a world with more love.

Now unfortunately sometimes to move forward we may have to rustle up some uncomfortable emotions or memories we pushed way down low but that really is just a small sacrifice really, a minor challenge to overcome to find freedom right? And I promise I will keep bringing you inspiring stories and ideas to keep those tougher reflections well worth it.

Until next time, keep doing what you do - for the Love.


Hayley Power