with Hayley Power

My Passion is helping parents reach their most honest and authentic lives so they can go on and guide their children to reaching theirs. As an intuitive transformation coach, I help you connect with the truest version of you, guide you through identifying and releasing any blockages and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back before diving into taking action so you can live the fulfilled life that you deserve.

Parenthood brings out excitement, fears and CHANGE. Changes to your relationships, your sleep, your routine, your time, your body. Unfortunately change is something our mind naturally doesn't like and it tries it's best to fight or run away from, so without learning how to respond to those emotions rationally we can be left feeling a little lost during the adjustment phase when our hormones and emotions are running wild. Change is inevitable during life and we can in fact prepare for it. Our mind acts just like a muscle so we can spend a little time training it, connecting to our intuition, reflecting on our core needs and values and by developing our self awareness.

How can I help YOU?

  • BY Creating a gentle transition for New & Expecting parents

  • Improving Couples & Family Relationships & Communications

  • Crisis Recovery - Taking back control of your life after a crisis

  • Career Growth, Change, Entrepreneurship

  • Finding and living your Passion

  • bring you out of your stay at home shell

If you are ready to take back control, but most importantly take action towards creating a fulfilled life and are not afraid of a little kick in the right direction then please get in touch, I would love to help you turn your dreams into reality!

Contact Hayley Power on 0430 038 300 or email contact@forthelovecollective.com

My mission is to empower parents with emotional intelligence, understanding and empathy and help them connect and use their intuition so they can also teach it to their children, so their children can teach it to their children. If we Live, we Learn and we Teach what we learn as a collective we are one step closer to a world free of Judgement and one step closer to a world of Kindness, Understanding and LOVE.

“Let us live to understand not judge, embrace our differences, turn mistakes into lessons, learn so we can teach. Let’s be the forever students and the forever teachers because if we all focus on being a better me everyday, there won’t be time for anything but love. Let’s do it For the Love.”


- Hayley Power -
Qualified Trainer, Intuitive Life Coach, Mother

Hayley Power