READ - Promotion to Mother - Career reflections

Today was the day. The day that I was officially and permanently demoted. It isn't my employer's fault, it isn't my colleagues fault, business doesn't stop because I was blessed to have children but the reality of that change is really quite an emotionally overwhelming experience. It is bitter sweet.

I work part-time from home now, I am blessed but actually watching my replacement take on a management role. Becoming my supervisor. Seeing my name at the absolute bottom of the organisation chart for my department, a department that I started... it definitely brought a tear or two to my eye.

Would I trade in my role as Mother, not a chance but the reality is we really do have to make a choice. If we want to stay in the corporate world we have to make a choice about whether or not we keep working a full time job so that we don't lose our title, our position or do we make the choice to give it all up and start again when our children grow up.

I made the right choice for me but even 3 and a half years into my transition into parenthood and entrepreneurship there are still little moments of my old life that pop up and open up emotions that need some reflection on and that is ok.

It is so important that we embrace these emotions, respect they are there and then look at them objectively so we can release them.

Feel them, embrace them, release them.

- For the Love  xx

Hayley Power