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For the Love - A Gentle Transition

GOLD COAST, Australia

1/2 day workshop - The missing piece to your prenatal care.

  • What prenatal care have you given to yourself?
  • Do you want to enter Parenthood feeling both Confident & Empowered?
  • Are you ready to deeply connect you with your personal needs for a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit so you can focus on being the parent to your children that you want to be?
  • Aware of your thoughts, feelings & emotions so you can respond rather than react to stressful situations?

For the Love - A Gentle transition has been designed especially for new and expecting parents to help you feel more in touch with your personal needs, be mindful of your thoughts, feel liberated in knowing that you were born with everything you need to successfully take on this role, confident that you can find the solutions and adapt to any challenges life throws at you and most importantly understand how to trust your gut and set boundaries with loved ones so you can enjoy and embrace parenthood the way we are meant to.

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    Location TBC South Gold Coast/Coolangatta


    I am passionate about creating a world with more love and less judgement. By inspiring parents to live with authenticity and understanding rather than criticism and judgement they will then raise children to do the same. I am currently available for speaking engagements on the following subjects;

    - Critical Thinking for an Empowered Parenthood-
    - Living without Judgement is Living with Love
    - Find your Balance for a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
    - Working as One - Reconnecting Parents and Teachers

    Please get in touch on 0430 038 300 or email if you have an upcoming event that I can assist you with.